“Which schools or programs will address the needs of my struggling or troubled adolescent?"

"Which schools will address my child's unique learning and behavioral needs?"

“What are the differences among conventional boarding schools, emotional growth or therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, and learning differences boarding schools?”

"Overall, which schools will promote my child's strengths while maximizing my child's potential?"

"What preschool, elementary, middle school and high school options are the best matches for my child in the greater Portland area?”

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At Educational Connections, we are dedicated to helping families strengthen their child’s social, emotional, and academic well-being. Since our firm was founded in 2000, we have assisted hundreds of families in making an informed and intelligent decision about the most appropriate educational and/or therapeutic setting for their child. We provide advice and assistance to parents searching for appropriate school and/or therapeutic options for:

Struggling pre-adolescents and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges (including youth who are depressed, angry, oppositional, bipolar, anxious, self-destructive, failing or bored in school)

Young people struggling with drug and alcohol issues as well as chemical dependency

Children and adolescents with learning differences or attention issues such as ADHD, as well as social and communication skills challenges associated with a non-verbal learning disorder or Asperger’s disorder

Young people with developmental delays

Young adults (18 – 26) with mental health challenges, drug & alcohol issues, and those generally needing assistance with school, work and acquiring the life skills necessary to transition into productive adult roles and responsibilities.

Pre-school and school-aged children in the greater Portland area Including children with learning differences as well as those who are gifted and under-challenged or bored in school.

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"The best school or program is one that offers your child the greatest opportunities for academic, social & emotional success."











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